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I’ve just moved home and I’m now in the very fortunate position of having enough space for a gaming room. For the past six years, I’ve lived in a flat the size of a Ford Transit van and it has made gaming very difficult. I didn’t have room for a 3’x3′ X-Wing game, let alone the 6’x4′ table standard in a lot of wargames. And I certainly didn’t have room for a permanent painting desk – something that raised the barrier to getting off my arse and doing some painting.

Excuse the mess, please.

My new gaming room is comfortably larger than my old living room. The plan is to kit it out with everything a gamer could ever need (wallet permitting). Again, Lady Luck has smiled down on me as KR Multicase – the company that I buy all of my figure cases from – has just started selling wargaming furniture. This is incredibly exciting. One of things I find most annoying about being a wargaming (vs. being a video games player) is that so many cool products aren’t stocked in the UK because of their niche nature and high shipping costs. There’s lots of interesting (and often expensive!) gaming furniture options in the US for example. This is the first time that a UK-based company has sold gaming furniture as far as I’m aware.

The piece of furniture in KR Multicase’s new range that really caught my eye was the dramatically titled WARDESK. It’s a nifty idea – a 4’x2′ painting table that folds out into a 4’x4′ gaming table. It’s such a good idea, I nearly ordered two. Thankfully, I came to my senses and just ordered the one for now. I already own a large Ikea computer desk that’s height adjustable, so I can add that into the mix when I need a full 6’x4′ table.

Transformers: Desks in disguise.

KR Multicase are also selling permanent gaming tables up to 8’x4′ and shelving units for their cases. Whilst I have a lot more room than I did, I think a permanent gaming table would be overkill. The shelving units were tempting but I’d rather have a storage solution that I can close the doors on and pretend that the room is tidy.

Having a table exclusively for painting is going to be amazing though. I’ve already bought what I need to go on it – a large cutting mat, some paint racks and a nice Anglepoise lamp with daylight bulb. Next on the list is a backdrop to help photograph miniatures better (if you’ve read my blog before, you will have noticed that my photos are… variable in quality).

eBay and John Lewis had plenty of choices for cutting mats and lamps respectively but the painting racks were surprisingly hard to track down. The ones that I found will do the job but they’re not quite as fancy as some of the other ones found online. Again, there’s plenty of fantastic options if you live in some other countries but the the postage to the UK is a killer. I was originally going to order a couple of these racks until I realised that the company is based in Australia and they’re over £50 each once postage has been added. In the end, I found some on eBay for £16 a piece. They’re fairly basic but they will do the job for now.

At site satta king

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