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Best architects ireland

Architects ireland – Regular site visits are carried out throughout the course of the construction program to ensure the works are being performed in accordance with the architectural drawings and specification.

Client site visits are also arranged with the architect during construction to explain the progress and any problems which may arise.


Best architects ireland

Administration of the building contract is carried out and checking the builders compliance with this. This involves the processing of progress claims, analysing variation claims, rectification of any disputes on site with regards to the construction procedure and on -going liaison with the builder on the project to ensure the works are proceeding in accordance with the drawings and specification provided.

We select three to five builders ( depending on the size and complexity of the project ) to provide a cost to build the project based on the working drawings and specification.

A period of between three to four weeks is given to the builders to provide a cost for the project. During this tender period we answer questions and queries that the builders may have with regard to the project.

Once the tender prices have been obtained from the builders we analyse the builders compliance with the tender documents and report to the client.

When the successful builder is chosen for the project further negotiations may need to take place in order to achieve an acceptable contract package for the client. This may involve getting the builder to revise some of his trade prices so that the contract price meets the client’s budget.

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