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Pistons cleared for progressive exercise program against Jazz

The Pistons (22-41, 15-17 home) will be hosting the Utah Jazz (41-22). Tip off is 7:30 pm est from the Palace. The game will be televised locally on FS Detroit, and nationally on NBA TV. Listen live on 97.1 fm.


Jazz Snapshot
Road record: 16-14
Vs. East: 16-6
Last game: 3/9 (Tues) W 132-108 @ Bulls
Last 10: 7-3
Streak: Won 3
Injuries: n/a
Vs. Pistons: Nov. 21st Det (97) @ Uta (100)

Rodney Stuckey has been cleared by doctors for “progressive exercise program” after a battery of cardiac evaluations. While I’m not entirely sure what that means it sounds a lot like what the Pistons will be doing tonight against the steamrolling Utah Jazz. Maybe more like depressive exorcise program?

There’s a lot of talk out west about the Lakers, Nuggets, and Mavericks but the Jazz are quietly ballin’ up a storm. Currently sitting in 4th in the western playoff picture the Jazz are winners in 23 of their last 29 contests.

Maybe because a Jerry Sloan coached team is never flashy I sometimes forget how good the Jazz are. They’re always so methodical and consistent in their approach. They connect on a league best 49% of their field goals. They’ve got two guys Carlos Boozer (.552) and his backup Paul Millsap (.557) both in the top 10. What other team has two horses like those two bangin’ down low?

Imposing some D-Will:

With the Jazz so often overlooked who better than Deron Williams as their point guard? Williams for a few years now has been getting lost in the west’s point guard shuffle, but this guy is definitely making his case for league’s best. Williams is 3rd in assists (10.2) behind Steve Nash and Chris Paul and is the Jazz’s second leading scorer (18.6) behind Boozer’s 19.5 ppg. When he’s not dumping it down low to Booz and Millsap he’s got the defense stretching Mehmet Okur (12.7 ppg, 6.8 rpg) and Andrei Kirilenko (12.2) at his disposal.

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Tips for Budgeting and Fundraising for a New Playground

Play is vital for youngster advancement, however some of the time the assets important to furnish our kids with the playground hardware that is expected to enable them to develop and learn can be an extreme street. Following these straightforward advances won’t just enable you to buy another playground unit or supplant a current one, it is likewise an extraordinary method to get your locale included.


Regardless of whether you are keen on building another business playground or revamping a current one in your locale, you’re going to require assets to enable you to accomplish your objective. Here are a couple of basic thoughts that anybody can exploit to accumulate the cash important to make a reasonable territory for everybody.

“Embrace” a Part of a Playground: Having a sketch or plan of your potential play territory format will help in your raising money endeavors. It very well may be utilized as an incredible advertising apparatus. Appearing at backers and posting it on message sheets will make a visual update. Make a rundown of the real segments of the playground unit. Set a cost for every segment and afterward separate your raising support endeavors one part at any given moment. Take your sketch or attracting around to nearby organizations and network administration associations requesting that they “embrace” a piece of the playground. You should build up a route for the donators to be perceived, regardless of whether that is on a solitary sign put at the passage to the play region or at each “received” unit.

Customized Walkway Bricks: Parents love to put their youngster’s name on something lasting. In the event that you are anticipating putting a bricked walkway prompting your new playground, have a pledge drive offering these blocks exclusively to guardians, grandparents, watchmen and relatives. When evaluating your blocks, make sure to represent the expense of laying them, and furthermore having every one engraved. Not exclusively is this an incredible method to fund-raise yet it additionally makes your playground an increasingly customized spot to visit.

Penny/Coin Drive: A mint piece drive is a gathering of coins from those in your locale, neighborhood or school to help raise assets for your new playground. Have a focal area for those included to put their coins, or if fund-raising for a school, place substantial containers or containers in every classroom. Make sure to report your coin drive any way you can and watch the change come coming in!

Hold a Raffle: A wager is a simple thought that anybody can utilize, paying little respect to past raising money experience. Basically locate a prize that tempts your group of onlookers, at that point buy various pool tickets that people can purchase for an opportunity at winning. Value your tickets low to urge more individuals to take part in the occasion.

Host a Contest: For some genial challenge, consider holding a challenge in your locale to fund-raise and get individuals amped up for your motivation. A few challenges you should need to consider are heat offs, excellence shows and shading challenges to speak to the more youthful group. A little passage charge can collect the consideration you have to accomplish your raising support objective.

Request Donations: Whether you make a wager or hold a challenge, ensure your locale realizes that you’re tolerating gifts for your motivation. Any extra change you can get will go far toward your playground.

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Is It the Goal of Police Officers to Make Arrests?

Interviewer: Do you find that police are often in error deliberately? Or is there so much going on that even they have a hard time executing everything perfectly?

Jerald Novak: I think you first have to examine the role of the police. The role of police is to arrest people. That’s really their goal. I don’t say that they get in their police vehicle with malice and they are setting out to arrest people wrongfully. What I’m saying is they set out in their vehicle with the goal of “my job is to arrest people.” When they see the slightest violation in their mind they assume it’s a valid violation and that it is sufficient to go forward. There’s little latitude in their mind.

I don’t think a lot of police officers say, “I’m going to arrest people wrongfully,” but there are wrongful arrests, and again, when we get the audio and video tape from the police vehicle, we will often hear things the police officer did not include in the written police report that are often extremely revealing.

Video and Audio Recording of DUI Police Stops

Interviewer: Do most officers have a video camera installed on their cruisers? Most of the time, does the recording support the police or the client in a DUI arrest?

Jerald Novak: The way the dash cam video works is the video camera is constantly running, and it’s recorded into a hard drive. There’s a buffer zone. The camera is always running. Once they illuminate the emergency lighting in an effort to stop a vehicle, the dash cam video will go back several minutes and then save that video to a hard drive.


The Police Cruisers Are Equipped with a Dashboard Camera and Most Officers Wear a Lapel Microphone to Record the Audio of a Stop

Then the police officer can capture the traffic violation that he is making the alleged stop for and then he also has a lapel microphone, so usually everything is recorded by the police officer, both audio and video.

Here in Illinois, there is no requirement that the police departments audio or video tape a DUI arrest. Legislation has just been passed that beginning in July of 2014, it will be mandatory for all police departments to record those DUI arrests.

In July of 2014, Officers Will Be Required to Video Tape the Mandatory 20 Minute Observation Period Prior to Administering a Breath Test

Additionally, once the defendant or driver is arrested and taken to the station, they will be required to video tape the mandatory 20 minute observation period. This observation period is required by Illinois law before someone submits to a breath test at the station. Then they will be required to video tape during the processing session.

This Video Recording Can Provide Additional Defenses

That’s really important because a lot of times the police currently will just video tape the stop and the arrest. They will not video tape the 20 minute observation period or the processing. Oftentimes, when we are lucky enough to get video tape where the client was videotaped during the observation or processing, we can see errors in ways the breath testing equipment was prepared.

We also see errors in the way the police officer indicated to the client how to go forward with providing a breath sample. Often, we can show that the breath sample was obtained wrongfully or by not following procedure, which would invalidate the results of those tests.

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A few months ago, I posted an article on “How to come-up with a business idea” and be great managers. Now, the next challenge is how to get started.

Here are some ways on how to start a business with less:
1. Create a new business model.
It was in 1997 when Derek Sivers approached several record stores to ask them to sell his band’s CD. They turned him down and told him they’d only sell music that are produced by the major record labels.
Now to sell his own music, Derek decided to put up He started from his own bedroom and spent only $500 to set it up. The internet was a bit quite new back then (1997), so it took him a lot of work to make this happen.
After three months, his fellow musicians in New York noticed and asked, “Hey, can you also sell our CDs through that?” Nobody else wanted to sell ‘independent music’, so he took their offer.
Derek became “the go-to-guy who was selling independent music through the internet.” In 2008, he sold CD Baby for 22 million and has made about 100 million in sales for 150,000 musicians.
The idea – Find a new (and more cost-effective) way of doing business that is advantageous for both you and your customers.
What are new trends in your industry? What are new technologies that can you leverage? Is there an ‘underserved market’ that you can exploit?
2. Consider a home-based set-up for your small business.
Nowadays, you don’t need to pay for an impressive (also expensive) office to wow your customers. Most clients would be glad to meet you in a Starbucks nearby. You can do this when putting up a service, trading or a consulting business.
The advantage: Shorter commute for clients and shorter meetings. (Plus the coffee is better than the one in the office pantry!)
The idea – You can build your credibility by showing the quality of your work, not just on how expensive your ergonomic chair looks like.
3. Make use of free websites or blogs like WordPress, Blogger, Wix or Multiply. 
My friends (husband and wife) started their watch business using a Multiply site. That’s where they carefully learned the “ins and outs” of being in the watch business. Today, they own several watch stores in malls and their business is doing very well.
The idea – To get there, start somewhere.
4. Partner with a Supplier.
Our initial tendency is to buy or stock up the products that we want to sell. But what if there’s a way to partner with your supplier?
What if you can create a system in which you can ship your product from your supplier’s warehouse directly to your customer’s door step?
The idea – You can save money on inventory, delivery, storage and communications.
5. Be a Subcontractor. 
Serve an existing company. Do a part of their work for them. They might even be willing to provide the tools and support that you’ll need to get the work done.
The idea – If you’re reliable and easy to work with, they’ll find it more convenient to pay you, than for them to do the work on their own.
6. Be an Industrial Partner. 
This may not be for everyone, but if you have a solid industry experience, this is a good option that you should consider.
Instead of putting out money, an industrial partner offers his expertise (as a capital) to the new company. He can receive around 15-20% share or ownership on top of his management salary.
Reminder: Being an expert in your field won’t automatically make you a good business owner. Running a business is a discipline that you’ll need to learn. Read books, attend seminars and carefully study how successful entrepreneurs made it. Better yet, find a business mentor.
7. Put up a Consultancy.
Are you known to be good at what you do? Do you have a proven track record? Do you enjoy helping people? If you do, you can offer your expert advice.
There are too many people who are good at pulling people down. We need more people who are willing to focus on helping others succeed.
The idea – Meaningful success somehow comes when we stop trying to be successful and focus on helping others succeed.
8. Use the ‘Beta’ approach.
App developers are known to use the “Beta” approach before fully releasing a product.
During this period, you’ll be able to see how ‘a market responds’ to a product. You also get the chance to make crucial adjustments to your product or service that can ensure long-term success. Plus, you get loyal users (or followers) during the process.
The idea – A beta release is like a ‘small show’ done by an artist in the corner cafe before going into a major concert or tour. When putting up a business, you can go “beta” first.
9. Pay for Results. 
Now, while you can’t afford to pay or hire regular employees, a good way to start is to find people who are willing to work on a ‘per job’ basis. You can hire them permanently later as your business grows.
10. Maximize Social Media.
Not in a spammy way please. Avoid alienating your friends who are online. Don’t post too much of what you’re selling in their newsfeed. You don’t want to be like the guy who loves to talk about himself in the party – be interested in ‘others’ as well. (others = your customers)
Before posting, make sure it doesn’t just add to the noise. Instead, give something of value to them. When the time comes that they need you, they’ll know where to find you.
The idea – If done right, the use of Social Media can help you build your brand and connect with new customers.