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Erectiestoornissen Treatment

Erectiestoornissen: A device that is surgically implanted into the penile cavity to ensure a rigid erection. Penile prostheses are usually implanted under anesthesia and the patient spends one night in the hospital. As with any surgery, complications from anesthesia, blood loss or an infection can occur. Pain can last weeks and narcotic medication may be used. After a month, the male patient can be shown how to use this prosthesis for sexual activity. Healing time varies after this procedure and pain, tenderness and lack of activity/exercise can delay the functionality of this implant.


Erectiestoornissen Treatment

Penile injection therapy: This type of therapy injects certain medications directly into the penis to help expand the blood vessels, increase the blood flow and relax some of the tissues around the penis. These injections results in more blood to the vessels in the pelvic/penile regions that can cause an erection.

Penile arterial revascularization: This particular procedure is designed to keep blood flowing to the penis by rerouting the blood flow from around a blocked vessel or when injury occurs to the penis or pelvic region. Venous (or blood flow) leakage is also associated with the build-up of scar tissue in the penis that leads to curved, painful erections , certain nerve conditions, diabetes and even severe anxiety.

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