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How To Choose Kitchen Wallpaper

Here’s Cabinet Connect Kitchen Remodel advice on how to choose kitchen wallpaper – when choosing wallpaper is important to remember that the wallpaper in the kitchen get dirty too quickly, and hence wallpaper that cannot be washed or are not protected from mechanical damage, it is better not to buy into the kitchen.

How to choose kitchen wallpaper based on their characteristics? They should have basic properties: water resistance, the density and vapor permeability.

The most suitable type of wallpaper for the kitchen will be vinyl, as they meet all these requirements. Not suitable for kitchen wallpaper, paper and fabric, as they are very susceptible to damage. Vinyl wallpaper serve for a long time are not afraid to mechanical damage: wear, scratches and abrasions.


Kitchen vinyl wallpaper made of foamed vinyl. “Foamed vinyl” well suited for the kitchen: is not afraid of water, they successfully mask the unevenness of the walls. However, this kitchen wallpaper cannot be considered an ideal wall covering. Not their very best feature is that they prevent the evaporation of moisture.

Excellent option for decorating the kitchen walls are textured vinyl wallpaper.

Fiberglass wallpaper for kitchen – have different versions, their number is so large that they easily fit into any type of interior. In addition, they have high levels of environmental safety. Fiberglass is the most hygienic: they do not collect dust; they can be washed, repainted.

Color Selection for the kitchen wallpaper
Wallpaper like everything that surrounds us affects our mood, but the interior in the kitchen affects the appetite. Wallpapers warm tones could increase the appetite.

No matter, what wallpaper you choose for kitchen, the basic right – focus on endurance this will allow you to keep for a long time these wallpapers.

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