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Reliable Brisbane SEO company

When you select your preferred package you will be guided through our process to fill in your details. Once your details have been received one of our consultants will be in contact with you. Here are the steps we will guide you through:

Stage 1: Initial Setup
Once we have received all your website information and keywords you want to target for, we will begin to setup your account and provide you access to your reporting system. This will be your personal dashboard just for you to monitor and track the progress of your website.

Stage 2: Researching Your Keywords
Before we begin optimizing for your keywords, we will run though a checklist to ensure your keywords meet the a certain criteria which will ensure your keyword is being targeted to your customers. We don’t want to waste your time achieving a result where there are no customers searching for that keyword, or that keyword could be very hard to achieve and therefore you may not even see a result at all. Therefore by running through these tests, we are able to determine what are the best keywords for your website and make recommendations to help you achieve the best result.


Stage 3: SEO Implementation On Your Website
We will start the process and begin to optimize your website. Once your website has a solid foundation, we will start to build links and complete the numerous submissions outlined in our SEO packages. Just sit back and relax whilst we do the work for you and watch your website site climb the ranks in Google.

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