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Social Security Administration

As you work, a percentage of your wages are paid into FICA and deducted from your paycheck. FICA is insurance that you have paid for and are entitled to if you are unable to work due to a medical condition. But, it should come as no surprise that you have to enforce your rights to these benefits and file a claim.


Free Review and Evaluation
Finding out if you are eligible to receive Social security Disability Benefits is simple and fast. Fill out the form to take control and enforce your right to the benefits you have earned.

Why You Should Act Now
There is limited amount of time after you stop working that you are covered by the FICA Insurance program. If you fail to file a claim within this limited window you can be denied benefits and loose access to the steady income that you have already worked for.

Help from the start.

Applicants that are eligible will be contacted by a case agent to answer any questions that you may have and complete the process of filing for Social Security Disability.

Get Started Now.
Have your information Reviewed by a Former Social Security Administrative Law Judge.

We Keep You Informed
With regular reports and correspondence on how your case is progressing. You can even call to speak with the supervisor overseeing your claim.

Experienced Review Process
This type of strategic planning isn’t done by any other group. By planning for every step of the process with your information in mind, we are able to form a comprehensive plan to get you approved fast.

Have You Been Denied?
It’s OK! We can help get your case back on track. As many as 70 percent of disability cases are initially denied, but with the right guidance, you can still secure the benefits you’ve earned.

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