Taylor Fulks Uncategorized Why Choose Granite Charlotte?

Why Choose Granite Charlotte?

Buy Direct & Save. Buying granite directly from your distributor, Granite Charlotte, eliminates the middleman’s retail mark-up! Cash & Carry orders eliminate your delivery expense. Professional Installation assures you of a showroom quality presentation in your home or office. We do not sell inferior product. All material is carefully inspected by our experts prior to your taking delivery. Our rapid growth in the past year has enabled Granite Fabricators Charlotte to expand the company to include a new, secondary showroom location in Charlotte.

Sealing –When sealed and cleaned properly, you will easily preserve the natural beauty of this unique surface. Today’s sealers are easy to apply and many are effective for 10-15 years! With today’s technology in sealing products, staining rarely occurs.

Cleaning – Always use a product specifically designed to clean natural stone; not over-the-counter cleaning products. Avoid abrasive cleaners such as Comet and Softscrub. Use the flat side of a razor blade for removing stuck-on tape residue, paint, glue, dried food, etc.

For more information about granite and caring for your stone, contact us about available products such as “Stone Essentials” and related care services.


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