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Why Marvel Movies Popular Than and DC Movies

In today’s life, the superheroes’ movies craze is on the peak. Every age category people like and enjoining to watch superheroes movies but the movies are very popular in kids and teenagers. If you watch the movies than you can notice that the superheroes movies have its unique platform and ruling in everywhere on these days. There are many of superheroes franchise movies which are making good amount of the money and taking out the industry from the debt. But the superheroes are divided into subcategories, and some of the categories are DC Extended Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and X-Men franchise. If we talk about the superhero’s movies the DCEU has been already announced the project of the movies. And recently in report McKay spoke about the difference between the DC Extended Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe. From last few years The Marvel Movies are making good business in comparison of the DC movies and becoming more popular in the youth. Recently the Avengers movie did a great business and earns in billions and comes in the list of top ten earning movies. But if we talk about the Justice League movie, the movie did well but not too much good as The Avenger movies and there is a double difference in between their incomes. But DC is also improving themselves and recently the DC studio becomes the best place to direct the blockbuster movies. Recently a report shows that DCEU gives permission to Chris McKay to use the creative control on its project. As you can see that the movies are releasing in the masses and the new projects are coming constantly. They are releasing movies continuously without any coordination of the movies according to MCU.


The various directors of the DC Extended Universe challenge to the audience that what they think in the comic book they will release the movies according to it. If we talk about the Aqua man movie, James Wan craft the entire underwater set of the film. When we speak about Patty Jenkins, she is also in the race of releasing the movie continuously. First, she releases the Wonder women, and after that, she gets her appearance in the Batman Vs. Superman.

There is some reason why DC films lagging the Marvel Films.

  • If we talk about the DC movie, the movies are too late to build the cinematic universe that the main reason which always lagging Dc movies in front of the Marvel movies.
  • The DCEU have no planning or coordination of releasing the movies; they release the biggest characters movies very early like Superman, Batman, Wonder Women. Which kill the audience patience and decrease the curiosity to watch the film. If we talk about Batman Vs. Superman movie, the movie didn’t clarify the fighting between the superhero and if we compare the movie with the MCU movie Captain America Civil War, in the movie the fight between Captain America and Iron Man they have some specific issue and the movie proper describe the scene.
  • The success of the movie always has in the hand of the director, and he can take the movie to another level. Zack Snyder, the director of the Marvel Movies, is very talented, always think different from others and has a unique visual style. But Warner Bros give his all responsibilities I the entire DC film universe which the main drawback and creating a big obstacle in the success.
  • The head of the Marvel studio Kevin Feige always steered the MCU capable, and he trusts to the filmmakers which he hires. Kevin Feige is the only person who tutelage MCU and the actor and director of the movies who help him to build such an inexorable force.

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